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Vittorio Camaiani collaboration

We've always been impressed by the prolific work of seeker and friend Vittorio Camaiani.

Repeatedly creating collections with charming specific themes, some from his travels, some from his dreams.

He appreciates the craftsmanship that we share. We are honoured to have been precious hands to paint some of Vittorio's amazing design.

Vittorio Camaiani has been defined on more than one occasion as the poet of fashion.

His work represents not only that "all handmade quality" of Italian high fashion but also a creativity that is often intertwined with art.

Collection after collection, he has delivered unforgettable aesthetic journeys.

From the collection dedicated to Magritte, to the one dedicated to Escher, from those that evoked the charm of ancient Egypt or a Visconti Venice, to the one of the most recent which pays homage to, and reinterprets, Velázquez's seventeenth century, Vittorio Camaiani's fashion is always able to amaze.

His creations respond to the designer's need to celebrate women through his creative journey between past and present, a process which pushes him towards horizons that are often distant, which are then translated into collections of undisputed topicality.

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