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About Quarzia 

QUARZIA makes you feel unique and special. Its sleek and informal elegance is seductive and timeless.

QUARZIA adds a luxurious and exquisite style touch to your everyday outfit  enabling you to impress with personality and style.

Each handmade creation is meticulously crafted by local Balinese artisans making each piece one-of-a-kind with a contemporary European twist on an ancient Asian craft.

QUARZIA is a batik specialised label, born from the need of quality and style,  bringing an heritage of exquisite craftsmanship into a sophisticated casual elegance.

A vibrant contemporary look made of long-lasting simplicity and silk.


The Founders

QUARZIA was founded in Bali by two Italian designers Simonetta and Marco, who fell in love with the island and decided to start their handmade Batik label setting up their atelier in the heart of Ubud.

Coming from a fashion background, Simonetta, a textile designer and Marco, a financial manager, felt Bali was the perfect place for their life and career:

The freedom to express ourselves and the artistic skill of Balinese people are great motivators for us. Simonetta & Marco, Quarzia founders

Enchanted by the Indonesian batik technique, Quarzia's artisans team started to design "timeless" and unique clothes, adding a contemporary European twist to a well established local tradition.

QUARZIA handmade batiks are inspired by the beauty of tropical nature: the delicate elegance of flowers and its petals, lavishing palm trees, colorful peacock feathers. Signature bold geometric patterns are mixed with delicate designs to create unique prints.

We like to play with shapes, lines and colors to evoke the delicate veins of a leaf or the vibrant bursts of sunset light. Simonetta, Quarzia founder

Shading and colors layering come into play, creating soft and unique effects.

Silk drapes the body in figure-flattering cascades of fabric, seductive tops fall elegantly off the shoulder to reveal just a hint of skin, and loose, satiny pants feature clean lines enhancing the length and providing comfort and plenty of room to move.

QUARZIA’s handmade batiks come in luxurious fabrics like silk satin, silk chiffon, silk crepe and cotton.


About the Quarzia experience.

Thanks so much. I am very excited. These (KNOT SILK PANT plain molten-lava) are the best pants! I have a few of your pieces I bought in Bali few years ago. Always get so many compliments... Carly P., California

My black (Quarzia) pants are at least 10 years old and are the best silk pants I have ever had. And very, very cool to wear in a hot climate. Shelley, Western Australia

I am looking to purchase a new mid flat top... I already have one which I bought in store and love it. Jenny Hoo, Australia

Thank you Marco, I was very excited to find your website. I already have a couple of your dresses and I love them. Olivia Lerolle, Bali